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In less than a minute, Convert your site (WordPress, Joomla,
site with dedicated coding, blog, etc.) into Android mobile application.

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Online site conversion to application Build apps fast Convert your site into an Android mobile app online in less than 1 minute.
convert site to application Ability to upload and download files If you buy the gold version, the ability to upload and download files will be added to your application.
Convert site to mobile application Splash screen Splash is a screen that first shows the mobile app for a few seconds and then the main page of the site will be displayed.
Convert site to Android application Unlimited time The built-in application will have no time limit and will be active forever.
convert site to application App sharing In-app sharing (mobile app) is provided and you can easily send your app to others
Turn site into a professional application Dedicated mobile app With the App Builder section, you can create a professional online application connected to the site with high personalization capabilities.
Frequently Asked Questions

All the steps of converting and building a website to your application from the moment of registration to the moment of app delivery are done by the Datis Web system, and due to the elimination of manpower in preparing the application and as a result Reduce app design costs for the company, the final price is extremely low. .

Quick creation of the app with a reasonable price is one of the advantages of turning the site into an online application. Also, having a splash screen, the ability to upload and download files, a floating menu, etc. are other advantages of converting the site into an application.

With the site conversion system to Android application, you can convert all kinds of WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla,, php, blog, etc. sites in less than 1 minute. Apply.

Yes. Without the need to register and pay, you can first create an application with 3 days of free testing completely online and the app creation panel, and if you are satisfied, apply for permanent activation of the application.

If you have any questions, you can contact us. Also all the support of your app by the site to mobile application conversion team It will be done and you will not have any worries about the technical management of your apps.