Website to Application Android

    To convert your web site to the mobile app, do the following steps:
  1. In the app's name section, you can choose a name for your application and enter it there.
  2. In the address section of the site, you must enter your web address in http: // www.
  3. In the following sections, enter your email and mobile numbers in order.
  4. In the app upload section, upload a logo that represents your app.
  5. And at the end, after entering a random number, click Submit to turn your website into a mobile app.
  6. If your website is reactive, you can easily turn your website into an Android app using the 123 site.

    By using the online site on 123, mobile software for your website with all the features available in the site, in less than a minute will turn into Android software.

    We will work on the phone completely online and your site will be easily accessible to users. Using the above guide you can easily convert your website to the app.

Website to App

Enter the following random number with numbers (example: Enter two hundred thirty four 234)



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